Sunday, July 4, 2010


Welcome to Firefox's Sorcerery
I am Cole Boomsword, level 32 Magus Sorcerer, part time student, and also part timely a new blogger.

I started blogging today because i love playing Wizard101. It's fun and fulfilling in my life. My good friend Benjamin Fairydust started blogging a few days ago on his blog called the Spirit Keep, maybe you've heard of it, anyway, I read it and it was good so i figured why not blog myself. And hear i am. Here to talk about stuff wizard related and not. Talk to me about some problems of yours and I talk about mine.

The name of this blog is Firefox Sorcerery because I needed something good and clever, like another blog about wizard101 called The friendly Necromancer his (or her)blog name is good. Who has ever heard a necromancer which are cold-blooded, heartless, sometimes rude, naive, insolent people, to be friendly! So I taught about some names. Sticking to naming of a blog relating to my wizard school I taught that if I were a necromancer I might call this blog Necromancing Dead or something like that. I am a sorcerer (or a student of balance) and I really like the idea of Firefox internet and I used the name Firefox for my Mii character on Wii. So I put two and two together and here we are. On my blog.

Well that seems good enough for a first blog. Tell me what you think and have fun playing with the gadgets on the side. Cya later viewers and I wish you a happy 4th of July.