Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Partner Blogger

This is Christopher Lifecloud. My brother, friend on wizards, PIC (meaning Partner In Crime), and now Blog Partner.
He was looking to make a blog but I told him he could be my partner. He just helps me with the blog and give's me stuff to talk about. Right now he won't stop asking me if i am done with it. Here are a few words from him (normally I wouldn't let him touch my computer but since he's my partner I'll make an exception.
Chris: Hey guys. I'm new here so I hope you like this blog. I'm Cole's brother. He likes to boss me around a lot so... BEWARE! I'm done for now so... bye! Hope you make some comments.
First of all i do not boss him around a lot he just doesn't know when to shut it. Second do any of you know a person who doesn't like pie? Cya on my next post.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Say Hello to Lord Shadow, the newest member to The Firefox's Sorcery.

I got him about a year ago right after Christmas on some Facebook thing. You had to sign up on Facebook from Wizard101 and you had to hope that a bunch of people did that and if you did then you get a Danger Hound. People always ask me where I got my pet and I say on some Facebook contest. He is now an adult on his way to ancient then epic. He gives me the card Infection which allows me well him to put a shield on my opponent to make their next healing spell to only heal them halfway. It is more useful in PvP fights than in duels against monsters but I use it when I can.

I like pets, but honestly I have way too many of the little creatures! I have 2 Piggles, 1 Heckhound, 3 Midnight Sprites, 1 Myth Sprite, 1 Blue Cyclops, 1 Blue Banshee,and 1 Krok. That adds up to TEN Pets (if you don't count Lord Shadow)! I am thinking about selling some, but I think I am too nice to sell a pet, but seriously what should I do about them. Tell me what you think. should I sell some, keep them, find a way to give them to someone else on wizards as a gift or something else.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Easy ways to get gold (on Wizard101).

If anyone one needs gold here are some ways to get it easily. One way this is the easiest play a mini-game on wizards that your good at. Im good at skull riders and each time I play it I get at least 25 gold. Play the game a few times you'll have 200 more gold after. This way is harder go to the haunted cave and fight the field guards as many times as you can but pay attention to your health so you don't get defeated, and sell the things you get, personally I think the scarlet screamers give you more stuff to sell. Next is fighting bosses like the Harvest lord, Lord nightshade, Sergent Skullsplitter, and the Kraken and sell the things you don't need or want. This last one is most likely the hardest. Make a new wizard on the same account. Make it to level ten or twelve then go to your dorm and put every item you got in your shared bank if you have a lot of gold then go to the bazaar and buy something or somethings that you can put in the shared bank the quit and go to your main wizard and take them to our shared bank and put everything in your backpack then sell those things. I did that and then after I sold those things I didn't need and voila I had over a thousand gold extra. This message is for those not subscribed, but if members can find a way to use this for their wizard, then do it and tell others. Tell me what you think because no one have said anything about my posts. Am I a bad blogger or does everyone have soethig better to do in their life than read a kid's blog spot.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I need someone to hangout with.

Sorry I haven't been on in a while, I had some problems with the computer charger, and then after that I forgot how to activate the account that takes care of the blog. So anyway I'm back.
My topic for today is love life. I figured that since I am not gonna get subscribed anytime soon why not find a girl on wizard101 to hangout with. I am a pretty nice, funny guy but it's hard to find a girl who is on at a considerable time (when I am on to be precise). My friend Benjamin Fairydust is a member of Wizard101 and he has recently married a girl on wizards this month. I haven't met her yet but she sounds nice. I wonder how his marriage is going. On his blog He put a video of the marriage ceremony. It was very nice actually.
Here it is;

Well, I think I need to find a girl to hangout with. If it works out I might ask her to marry me. I am not a desperate guy, But my brother he is crazy about girls. Once on wizards I saw this girl who was cute in a some way, and I told my brother. Within three seconds he ported to me and started singing "Baby" by Justin Beiber. She just started making fun of him a bit and told him that she had a guy already. Then my brother snapped. He said that he would defeat this guy to win her love. Then he got in a fight insulting some guy, then he Said to the girl and I quote " I forget you Page". Page is the girl except it is spelled Paige. If you could smack a person on wizards she would slap him into a coma. If she could jump from her computer to my brother then beat him til he wet his pants she would. She HATED him. I told my brother about his mistake and he was scared to death of what she might do. For example she could report him at the least or even track him down just to make him cry on camera and put it on Youtube at the most

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Not Subcribed

Hello, sorry I haven't been here for a while. Well you probably don't really notice on a blog except for the date.

I have been playing wizards for nearly two years because I saw the commercial for the 7th time at my cousins place. Anyway I have only subscribed once because My dad got me a gift card for one month. Well one month goes by real fast when your having fun. So then before the card I was a level 21 or something without becoming a member. I honestly think that's impressive because I had to train and fight monsters. Well after that i realized I had a bunch of useless things to sell and then I saw all the gold I had so then I bought a cottage. I had a bit more gold so I bought things to make the house look more full.
Then after I subscribed I tried to train like crazy. Well I did and i finish Wizards City and I got half way done with Krokotopia which is really good for a balance student like me because we practically founded the place. Now I got a plan for gift cards. I get one $10 card and one $20 card, the $10 is for crowns and the $20 is just regular subscribing.
Well I guess that's enough for today. See ya on my next blog (whatever that will be).BYE! : )

Monday, July 5, 2010

Being Reported

Welcome back to the Firefox's Sorcerery!

Well hello. I am here to talk about a problem of mine. A few days ago about right before I started blogging I witnessed a cat fight on wizard101 two girls were fighting about some dating problem I think, so any way these two girls were saying so many bad words I can't say any of them for our young viewers. They said things I can barely imagine some of the other words and others are in vivid pictures that I am ashamed to be able to see these images.
Anyway the girls, they were saying these words in public. I mean in the commons yelling it at each other. They started to get a crowd around them. Unfortunately, I was one of them. Then one of the girls ran off calling to her friends to follow her. So I was one of the people who went after her. Once she was settled see said that we should stop dating on Wizard101. I was against the idea, but others were ready to join her group. They started doing stuff. I don't really know what. Then I got reported for no reason at all. If anyone should be reported it's those two girls yelling. For those out there who don't know what reporting is. It's when a wizard is offending another wizard, wizard number 2 can report wizard number 1 and might get wizard number 2 suspended.
The first time I got reported was for nothing too. My old friend Blaze something was trash talking two guy we were in PvP (player verses player) with and he was looking at me to back him up on this. I was innocent, but since we really knew each other in real life and I still am friends with him I just agreed to his trash talking ways. So after PvP we taught we should go train a bit. Then we got reported. First it was him then me. I was shocked, I did nothing except agree to some trash talk.
To all you Wizards out who haven't been reported be careful what you say and how you say it.
See you all next time on Firefox's Sorcerery.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Welcome to Firefox's Sorcerery
I am Cole Boomsword, level 32 Magus Sorcerer, part time student, and also part timely a new blogger.

I started blogging today because i love playing Wizard101. It's fun and fulfilling in my life. My good friend Benjamin Fairydust started blogging a few days ago on his blog called the Spirit Keep, maybe you've heard of it, anyway, I read it and it was good so i figured why not blog myself. And hear i am. Here to talk about stuff wizard related and not. Talk to me about some problems of yours and I talk about mine.

The name of this blog is Firefox Sorcerery because I needed something good and clever, like another blog about wizard101 called The friendly Necromancer his (or her)blog name is good. Who has ever heard a necromancer which are cold-blooded, heartless, sometimes rude, naive, insolent people, to be friendly! So I taught about some names. Sticking to naming of a blog relating to my wizard school I taught that if I were a necromancer I might call this blog Necromancing Dead or something like that. I am a sorcerer (or a student of balance) and I really like the idea of Firefox internet and I used the name Firefox for my Mii character on Wii. So I put two and two together and here we are. On my blog.

Well that seems good enough for a first blog. Tell me what you think and have fun playing with the gadgets on the side. Cya later viewers and I wish you a happy 4th of July.