Thursday, August 5, 2010

Namimg your Game

I think naming a game site is the hardest thing about it. I mean like look at wizard101 they got it easy. They just needed to think what names weren't already taken. My brother and I have thought about the name for a while now. Our first choice was The Secret Life of Magic, but after about a day we thought it was too long. Now I think the Limbo would be good (btw I didn't go to water wizz cuz my mom thought it would rain, but it didn't and by then it was too late) except bro here thinks of the limbo where you go under a bar and try not to touch it. So now we're stuck with now ideas except limbo. I am asking you for ideas for the name of the game we are making. Tell us your idea and if we pick it we will award you with the idea that you got us to make a successful game.