Monday, July 5, 2010

Being Reported

Welcome back to the Firefox's Sorcerery!

Well hello. I am here to talk about a problem of mine. A few days ago about right before I started blogging I witnessed a cat fight on wizard101 two girls were fighting about some dating problem I think, so any way these two girls were saying so many bad words I can't say any of them for our young viewers. They said things I can barely imagine some of the other words and others are in vivid pictures that I am ashamed to be able to see these images.
Anyway the girls, they were saying these words in public. I mean in the commons yelling it at each other. They started to get a crowd around them. Unfortunately, I was one of them. Then one of the girls ran off calling to her friends to follow her. So I was one of the people who went after her. Once she was settled see said that we should stop dating on Wizard101. I was against the idea, but others were ready to join her group. They started doing stuff. I don't really know what. Then I got reported for no reason at all. If anyone should be reported it's those two girls yelling. For those out there who don't know what reporting is. It's when a wizard is offending another wizard, wizard number 2 can report wizard number 1 and might get wizard number 2 suspended.
The first time I got reported was for nothing too. My old friend Blaze something was trash talking two guy we were in PvP (player verses player) with and he was looking at me to back him up on this. I was innocent, but since we really knew each other in real life and I still am friends with him I just agreed to his trash talking ways. So after PvP we taught we should go train a bit. Then we got reported. First it was him then me. I was shocked, I did nothing except agree to some trash talk.
To all you Wizards out who haven't been reported be careful what you say and how you say it.
See you all next time on Firefox's Sorcerery.