Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I am so smad (meaning sad and mad)! The hat I just bought yesterday I accidentally sold to the hat shop person so now i cant buy it back. It was the only one at the bazaar. I am such an idiot. I wish i could go back in time right now to stop my self. I have a question. Is time travel possible yet?


I am soooooooo happy right now! The reason is because about three weeks ago I found this hat on wizards that gives me awesome stuff. It is the second most expensive hat on the site. I couldn't buy it at the time and a week after that I could buy it but it was gone. So I bought some other stuff like an amulet and a hat I can wear when I am a level 35. Then yesterday I found the hat again and the only problem is that I can't wear it until I level 33 but since I am about 6 minibars to that level why not buy it now so I don't lose it again. So now I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!