Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Partner Blogger

This is Christopher Lifecloud. My brother, friend on wizards, PIC (meaning Partner In Crime), and now Blog Partner.
He was looking to make a blog but I told him he could be my partner. He just helps me with the blog and give's me stuff to talk about. Right now he won't stop asking me if i am done with it. Here are a few words from him (normally I wouldn't let him touch my computer but since he's my partner I'll make an exception.
Chris: Hey guys. I'm new here so I hope you like this blog. I'm Cole's brother. He likes to boss me around a lot so... BEWARE! I'm done for now so... bye! Hope you make some comments.
First of all i do not boss him around a lot he just doesn't know when to shut it. Second do any of you know a person who doesn't like pie? Cya on my next post.