Thursday, July 22, 2010

Easy ways to get gold (on Wizard101).

If anyone one needs gold here are some ways to get it easily. One way this is the easiest play a mini-game on wizards that your good at. Im good at skull riders and each time I play it I get at least 25 gold. Play the game a few times you'll have 200 more gold after. This way is harder go to the haunted cave and fight the field guards as many times as you can but pay attention to your health so you don't get defeated, and sell the things you get, personally I think the scarlet screamers give you more stuff to sell. Next is fighting bosses like the Harvest lord, Lord nightshade, Sergent Skullsplitter, and the Kraken and sell the things you don't need or want. This last one is most likely the hardest. Make a new wizard on the same account. Make it to level ten or twelve then go to your dorm and put every item you got in your shared bank if you have a lot of gold then go to the bazaar and buy something or somethings that you can put in the shared bank the quit and go to your main wizard and take them to our shared bank and put everything in your backpack then sell those things. I did that and then after I sold those things I didn't need and voila I had over a thousand gold extra. This message is for those not subscribed, but if members can find a way to use this for their wizard, then do it and tell others. Tell me what you think because no one have said anything about my posts. Am I a bad blogger or does everyone have soethig better to do in their life than read a kid's blog spot.