Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Say Hello to Lord Shadow, the newest member to The Firefox's Sorcery.

I got him about a year ago right after Christmas on some Facebook thing. You had to sign up on Facebook from Wizard101 and you had to hope that a bunch of people did that and if you did then you get a Danger Hound. People always ask me where I got my pet and I say on some Facebook contest. He is now an adult on his way to ancient then epic. He gives me the card Infection which allows me well him to put a shield on my opponent to make their next healing spell to only heal them halfway. It is more useful in PvP fights than in duels against monsters but I use it when I can.

I like pets, but honestly I have way too many of the little creatures! I have 2 Piggles, 1 Heckhound, 3 Midnight Sprites, 1 Myth Sprite, 1 Blue Cyclops, 1 Blue Banshee,and 1 Krok. That adds up to TEN Pets (if you don't count Lord Shadow)! I am thinking about selling some, but I think I am too nice to sell a pet, but seriously what should I do about them. Tell me what you think. should I sell some, keep them, find a way to give them to someone else on wizards as a gift or something else.

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