Monday, July 19, 2010

I need someone to hangout with.

Sorry I haven't been on in a while, I had some problems with the computer charger, and then after that I forgot how to activate the account that takes care of the blog. So anyway I'm back.
My topic for today is love life. I figured that since I am not gonna get subscribed anytime soon why not find a girl on wizard101 to hangout with. I am a pretty nice, funny guy but it's hard to find a girl who is on at a considerable time (when I am on to be precise). My friend Benjamin Fairydust is a member of Wizard101 and he has recently married a girl on wizards this month. I haven't met her yet but she sounds nice. I wonder how his marriage is going. On his blog He put a video of the marriage ceremony. It was very nice actually.
Here it is;

Well, I think I need to find a girl to hangout with. If it works out I might ask her to marry me. I am not a desperate guy, But my brother he is crazy about girls. Once on wizards I saw this girl who was cute in a some way, and I told my brother. Within three seconds he ported to me and started singing "Baby" by Justin Beiber. She just started making fun of him a bit and told him that she had a guy already. Then my brother snapped. He said that he would defeat this guy to win her love. Then he got in a fight insulting some guy, then he Said to the girl and I quote " I forget you Page". Page is the girl except it is spelled Paige. If you could smack a person on wizards she would slap him into a coma. If she could jump from her computer to my brother then beat him til he wet his pants she would. She HATED him. I told my brother about his mistake and he was scared to death of what she might do. For example she could report him at the least or even track him down just to make him cry on camera and put it on Youtube at the most

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