Thursday, July 8, 2010

Not Subcribed

Hello, sorry I haven't been here for a while. Well you probably don't really notice on a blog except for the date.

I have been playing wizards for nearly two years because I saw the commercial for the 7th time at my cousins place. Anyway I have only subscribed once because My dad got me a gift card for one month. Well one month goes by real fast when your having fun. So then before the card I was a level 21 or something without becoming a member. I honestly think that's impressive because I had to train and fight monsters. Well after that i realized I had a bunch of useless things to sell and then I saw all the gold I had so then I bought a cottage. I had a bit more gold so I bought things to make the house look more full.
Then after I subscribed I tried to train like crazy. Well I did and i finish Wizards City and I got half way done with Krokotopia which is really good for a balance student like me because we practically founded the place. Now I got a plan for gift cards. I get one $10 card and one $20 card, the $10 is for crowns and the $20 is just regular subscribing.
Well I guess that's enough for today. See ya on my next blog (whatever that will be).BYE! : )

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